Pop Academy Fama offers a variety of courses for all kind of public and ages. Among them you can find:

Clasical Ballet

In Pop Academy Fama children start from 2 years of age in the Baby Ballet class , where we play, improvise and introduce them into the dancers world.

There are groups of all levels and ages who are being assessed every year in May by international dance teachers.

Modern Dance

Depending on the kids. we put the hiphop/street dance orientated ones together and the modern/jazz interested ones into a separate class. At the end, we offer a fusion of different dance styles. But each class starts, with a jazzy warm up and stretching, before we attack the latest up to date choreographies.

Cada clase se inicia con un calentamiento de jazz y estiramiento. Las coreografías se crean siguiendo siempre el estilo de la última moda.

Break Dance

Boys and girls of all ages are invited to train with us in Break Dance. Academia Fama, regularly brings Break Dance experts into the class, who teach the latest tricks, freezes and choreographies.

Artistic Ropes and ring

Twice a week, we train artistic moves on the ropes and with the ring.


As a complement to all our dance offer we also impart aerobic classes for all kind of public.